trends in emerging tech + behavior

Social media such as Pinterst, Flicker, Google+, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter and Facebook are entrenched in our culture and technology. It’s impossible to tell if technology is driving consumer behavior, or the other way around. Thus, it makes sense to look at the key emerging tech trends (the big stories of CES 20102) with a “social” lense.

So, I set out to see if I could correlate Facebook functionality with technology trends and real-life behavior. My hypothesis is that in many ways we behave on Facebook as we do in real life, and thus, technology trends must mirror this.  In fact, Facebook’s functionality can be a metaphor for human functionality; what consumers do on Facebook is also what they do in real life and the products on show at CES reflect and enable these behaviors. So, Facebook becomes an organizing principle for CES’s tech trends. Consequently, I created a trend newsletter that showcases technologies and trends at CES 2012 that enable consumers to:

  • Share
  • Manage
  • Create
  • Allow
  • Hide
  • Wink
  • Like
  • Search
  • Post
  • Ignore
  • Status
  • Poke
  • Profile

You can read and/or download the newsletter here:  iME Trend Newsletter


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