prediction: SOC (share of connectivity) replaces SOV (share of voice)

Culture is everywhere. It permeats everything, so I’ve been pondering “how” things get into our culture today (i.e., today’s cultural infrastructure, given the connected, social world we inhabit).

This year experts predict that mobile phone access to the Internet will surpass computer Internet connections.  Additionally, pundits say that this is the year that >50% of Americans will carry a Internet connected smartphone.  As the number of smartdevices and WiFi connected machines in consumer’s lives increases, and the connected ecosystem expands, then it seems likely that it will become easier and faster to impact culture. Memes will spread faster. Trends will have shorter adoption periods, peak and burn out faster.

Consequently, share-of-voice (i.e., how LOUD a message is heard) is an antiquated communications measure.   As brands, politicians, celebrities, movements, companies, institutions, etc. strive to be heard they will engage with us throughout the ecosystem. This means the future of communications will be competing for share-of-connectivity (SOC). “SOC” is shorthand for connecting with people in meaningful ways, seamlessly across all the channels in the ecosystem.

I foresee that “SOC” will replace “SOV” in the marketing and branding world. The new measure of effectiveness will be SOC.

Those who want their messages to cut through all the noise will need to design trans-media (trans-device) messages and experiences, to engage connected people via multiple touch-points. This means that brands and personalities will become ecosystems too.

SOC Example: Nike

Nike is an ecosystem that has infiltrated our culture in countless ways.  Nike+ proves that the company is masterful at commanding SOC. Nike generates content and taps consumers for content. They offer software for content and store it in the cloud. Nike exploits the Internet and offers many Apps which run on any OS and every possible device; they even produce their own peripheral devices. Nike owns the lion share of the sports category’s SOC as a result of this approach.


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