zooming prezi: igasm

Want to see something really cool?

A zooming 3D presentation… the subject is “iGASM” (blog below). iGASM covers the Top Ten Tech Trends from the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Thank you to my friend, Jurgen,  who introduced me to the Prezi presentation software (www.prezi.com) knowing my keen interest in zooming.  It’s a mostly visual/graphic presentation with voice-over. A fantastic new presentation tool.  Check it out here:


360D thinking: immersive culture

We live in an era where we look at things in 3D (in 360-degrees)…. and even in 4D (which is 3D over time) Strides in technology have enabled this, such as 3D design and 3D mind mapping software, and trending tools like Google Zeitgeist.  We’re now a generation accustomed to trending, zooming and searching. As a result of these new perspectives and ways of looking at data, new correlations ought to be found… resulting in new insights, and more complex problem solving. As we swim in data – overwhelming amounts of data – we will see more technologies that allow us to navigate, parse, curate, cull, connect and layer data (think: Augmented Reality apps).  This gives new meaning to the expression “searching society.”


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