2011: design + science + technology = DeSciTech

In the coming year, I foresee marketing and behavioral science making leaps in synthesizing the intersection of three passions of mine: design, science and technology.

I’m calling this trifecta “DeSciTech.”


So, I’m going to do everything I can in the next 12 months to:

1) Promote the convergence of these three disciplines to see what happens

2) Use DeSciTech in my trend-watching and futurism work (and teaching)

tech talk: I’m speaking at CES this week

I’m fascinated with all sorts of emerging technologies. In fact, I will be moderating a panel discussion on Jan. 8 at the Consumer Electronics Trade Show (CES) in Las Vegas on “The Future of Wireless Devices on Airplanes.” My panelists include thought-leaders from Panasonic, Aircell, Microsoft and Emirates. Stay tuned.

the world is “squealing”

The sciences I’m most interested in right now are: neuroscience, behavioral science (especially “mood” science) and  complexity science (especially “fractal” science).  Here’s a link to my friend Ted’s blog, called Random Acts of Commentary. Here he posted some of our banter about complexity science, and my favorite scientific term right now: “squealing.”  The term “squealing” can be used when the universe (and human behavior) oscillates between two polarities. I’m seeing a number of paradoxical trends right now, which means  there’s cultural “squealing” going on, signaling that we’re on the threshold of a “critical transition” (i.e., Tipping Point). Read my thoughts on this on Ted’s blog post.


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