clean slate, don’t wait

I love New Year’s because it means we all get a clean slate to start the new year. Hopefully, we will have parsed and learned from the prior year, corrected our ways and forgiven others. To me, this season is brimming with hope, promise and potential.

However, I’ve met a number of people recently who ACTUALLY believe that 2012 is the End of Days?!  Apparently, some people didn’t get-the-memo that the Mayan calendar was miscalculated and the REAL end of the world, according to the Mayans, is 2220!

In response, I’ve perceive a cultural current of unbridled abandon, which I expect may play itself out in 2011 in the form of uber-recklessness, decadence and procrastination. Brace yourself: 2011, here we come!


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