apparently, i’m downright certifiable

Last week I was certified to teach “entrepreneurship” by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), after an intensive training program on NFTE’s new 11th edition textbook and curriculum. Presently, I am one of only 5 teachers in NY State trained to teach the 11th edition. (

a must-see documentary coming out in november

a must-see documentary coming out in november

Since 1987, NFTE (a non-profit) has provided entrepreneurship education programs to young people from low-income communities. NFTE has reached more than 280,000 young people in 12 countries. NFTE has more than 1,500 active Certified Entrepreneurship Teachers (now including me!) worldwide, and is continually improving its innovative entrepreneurship curriculum. The approach is hands-on and experiential… where learners are walked through the entire process of starting up a new business. Having started up a number of businesses in my life, I think the NFTE process is as close to real life as possible.

As a NFTE-trained teacher I will use the NFTE approach as a foundation for my entrepreneurship teaching at the high school and college level… however, I intend to add more emphasis to the syllabus on innovation, inventing, marketing, research and branding.  As both an inventor and entrepreneur I find the thought processes (and steps) of inventing and entrepreneurship to be quite similar.

the nfte movie: oscar contender for best documentary

On November 13 a really cool film opens: The film, TEN9EIGHT, chronicles the inspirational stories of several teens from low-income communities (from Harlem to Compton) as they compete in an annual business plan competition run by NFTE. The film will be in AMC Theaters nationwide. (  Check out the trailer. 

The film is timely and reflects the cultural sentiment in America in the face of mounting concerns about public education, and unemployment and immigration issues fueling interest in teaching entrepreneurship (i.e. critical thinking and creative problem solving). The skills for entrepreneurship featured in the film also reinforces the need to teach the humanities (right-brain skills). 


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