update: graveyard under my house is so yesterday

from David Armano's visual thinking archive.  from David Armano’s visual thinking archive 


mayor says: get over it, france’s progress shall not be thwarted

After all the hype of archeologists descending on my village to carbon date and measure piles of graves of Merovingian warriors, we were surprised to learn that the mayor would have none of it. The mayor stopped the archeology. He said that dawdling and fawning over the graves would put the town’s natural gas project in jeopardy. He basically said, “is anyone really surprised to discover the graves given the village’s rich ancient history? I’m no expert, but it doesn’t seem like an important discovery in the grand scheme of things. What are we supposed to do, tear down all the houses to excavate?”  He’s got a point.  

So now I visualize pulsing veins of gas, water and electricity coursing through a graveyard… carrying with it the whispers and intentions of the dead the pipes have penetrated. Now each sip and jolt may be media for messages. Care for some Eau d’Esprit anyone? Les poltergeistes sont arrivés.


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